Paving The Way Forward

Carrier Package Setup

We’ll set up a carrier package for you, ensuring your peace of mind. In this way, you’ll have all the necessary documents required to comply with industry standards.


High Rise Dispatch Services offers invoicing services, keeping clients happy while also growing your business. With our help, all your work will be properly accounted for.

Virtual Administrative Support

Just because you’re dispatching your own freight doesn’t mean we can’t assist with that. Be it completing broker packets or credit checks, we’ll manage everything.

Load Scheduling

Keeping track of your load schedule is the key to running a successful trucking company. Fortunately, that’s where our load scheduling services will prove beneficial.

Shipper/Broker Credit Check

Whether it’s a shipper or broker, know who you are working with. We’ll make sure you don’t face any penalties while transporting and delivering products.

24 Hour Dispatch Support

It’s important to remain in touch with your truck drivers at all times. We recognize that, which is why our cooperative representatives will be available 24/7 to assist you.